Thursday, November 15, 2012

Test post... Cryonet 2 front page.

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Big Think: The Cult of the Singularity
You might want to read this in conjunction with Mike Darwin's post about Ray Kurzweil on his blog: The Kurzwild Man in the Night
1 holyspiritdenier
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More wrong? Less wrong devalues cryonics as charity
from ... Aside from not agreeing that cryonics is likely to work, however, I don't think the
18 Freep
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Lately there have been a lot of unusual and interesting questions asked on the New CryoNet. Questions like – can we ever grow too big? So big there won't be
5 John de Rivaz
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Religious objection to post mortem dissection
from ... The Jewish belief in the
1 John de Rivaz
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Kitty Antonik and Paul Wakfer's Cryopreservation Arrangements with A
The following message exchange is provided for information to the readers of this group and came about after extensive dialog late last year, mostly by Paul,
135 Eugen Leitl
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