Monday, November 19, 2012

Alcor's legal defense expenses have shot through the roof!


  1. any word on what the litigation is?

  2. No but you can do me a favor since you're not useful for much else. Go to cold filter and point people to this site or the linked forum with the network54 format. I've reviewed the style at longecity and it's ok for information but again, it's not personality driven like mine... and it doesn't have the outline format.

    Jon is shutting things down there and we've just uncovered a new alcor scandal.. the hiding of the huge legal fees.. melmax is back... we've got another round of this crap coming on but Jon WILL close his forum for his own reasons... I think it has to do with ci derivas setting up talmudic rules against hate and free speech early in October... jon might be ci... and derivaz might have ordered him to shut it down or ci will dump him.

    see what you can do. I wouldn't go around disguised as a woman if I were you, either. It's misleading... as you seem to have a penchant to always do. Some truthseeker you are.

    anyway... I smell scandal. You posted ONCE to cafeteria... and ONLY in response to names... so I don't give you a lot of points but at least I know you've been there... and you KNOW we can handle the continuation of that thread if jon doesn't approve my request for redirect or link... please go there and do it again. If he gets enough requests, we can continue at cc Cryonics Cafeteria... linked at the top of this forum.

    The litigation must be huge!!!