Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jon Hinek disappears from Cold Filter cryonics forum for good.

By Rick Potvin, P.A.L.M. Alcor-assigned-50K-insurance ex-member 1348. After a run of several years, Jon Hinek has disappeared as moderator of the Network54 forum I helped him start. He is officially ending the closest thing to a transparent and universally open cryonics discussion forum on the internet.

Cold Filter, based on my earlier Cryonics Cafe, was arguably the best formatted of all cryonics social media because it used an outline format. [Here it is]. For several reasons, I've thus reanimated Cryonics Cafe as Cryonics Cafeteria here in response. [Cryonics Cafeteria] I don't expect it to be used much, if at all but the idea behind is to provide an alternative open area where cryonics can be critiqued without rules like DeRivaz's on new Cryonet 2 at Yahoo, the only other cryonics discussion area at the moment aside from a few possible blogs which don't really have the facility to deal with ongoing discussion in a properly formatted forum.

I've been interested in cryonics for many years and continue to be interested in it as an element of the possibility of physical survival. Not being signed up, officially, is a definite problem of course. I continue to hope to be able to rectify that. In the meantime, keeping the idea alive the way I see it requires an free and transparent possibility of discussion if not a reality of such discussion. I think Cryonet Cafeteria represents an example and a possibility, then, rather than a reality-- just like my own non-membership and just like cryonics itself.

[Outline notes]


  1. hello, hinek, my old friend
    I've come to say goodbye again....

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