Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jeremy Crow's explanation of cryonics.

Here's an explanation of cryonics by Jeremy Crow. He refers to nanotechnology being able to repair damage in the future. Mike Darwin, one the pioneers of cryonics in the 1980's, became excited about nanotechnology repair for cryonics patients in 1984 upon the publication of Eric Drexler's "Engines of Creation". Drexler's version of nanotech was challenged by industrial forms of microtechnology in the 1990s. Mark Plus, another longtime cryonics advocate and member, dismissed all forms of nanotech in the 2000s. Today, cryonics opinion is split between the possibility for nanotechnological repair and standard medically sound preservation reanimation that will not need nanotech.

It is instructive to note that many of Jeremy Crow's videos have to do with Luciferianism and Satanism. This is a highly controversial aspect of the background of what seems to be many cryonicists. Max More, for example, writes positively about the Lucifer tradition in an early issue of his magazine Extropy from the early 1990's. Today, Max is president of Alcor, the leading cryonics organization. Jeremy argues that Lucifer was the bringer of light or knowledge to everyone. He points to Adam Weisaupt of the original Bavarian Illuminati as against "institutional control". Jeremy's homepage describes his "left hand path" more completely at "Apotheosis" [Apotheosis Homepage].

Of the many references that I recognize in Jeremy's blog, I would point to this reference to Jews:

 quote-- The next such transition occurred between the Egyptian and Jewish cultures. The Prophet of the new Age of Aries was Moses. Moses was raised as Egyptian royalty. He had the benefit of learning the secret mysteries reserved only for the priesthood and those of royal blood. He lead the slaves out of Egypt. These freed slaves ended up becoming the Jews. [Source]

I don't need to go much further than that because this single point tells me that Jeremy is another Jew in cryonics. He is an apologist for the Jewish philosophy that would speak of "freed slaves" when my own analysis shows that what actually occurred to Egypt was destruction by those who the Pharoah of the time allowed to come into Egypt in the first place. [See Genesis 47]] Egypt was, it appears to my reading, destroyed by these interlocuters or secret invaders. Jeremy's head is sufficiently round, his lower lip sufficiently fat, and he appears to have a space between his front teeth. These physical phrenological traits are consistent with hybrid neanderthalism.

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