Wednesday, November 14, 2012

John DeRivaz lists impossible CI membership requirements.

On Oct. 23, 2012, Jon Hinek announced the closing up of the Cold Filter discussion forum. [Forum] Just a few weeks prior to that, John DeRivaz announced some tough measures on free speech in cryonics at Long Life newsletter, Cryonics Institute's newsletter. [New post]  This is probably more than a coincidence.

Finding out what's really going on in cryonics has never been easy and engaging others interested in cryonics has been difficult. Now, however, the game has become even tougher. Note that John DeRivaz, in his Oct. 7 Long Life post above used the word "hate". This is a "tell" in that it is very fashionable, these days, to pretend to be against "hate". Recently, it has become a criminal activity to "hate", all over the world. This is a crime invented by the Jewish ADL to stop criticism of Jews, of course, when you look into it more deeply. The crazy thing is... how do make a human emotion illegal? It's silliness gone dangerous and now John DeRivaz has gone down that route. Ettinger pictured above on the right was a Jew, Saul Kent, Bill Falloon, Dave Pizer and many other leaders in cryonics are Jews. I don't know if DeRivaz is a Jew but the Terasem founder Rothblatt is. [Terasem] I would say the entire Transhumanist movement, being secular humanist, is at least consistent with Jew values and Jew thinking.

I've been analysing a lot of the warnings about Jews, now freely available on the internet, this past year. I've been reading Henry Ford, Eustace Mullins, Brother Nathaniel, Henry Makow, Jeff Rense, Eric Hofschimdt, John DeNugent, StormFront and Michael Bradley. As well, Jesus points to the Pharisees in the New Testament-- the Jews of his day, as "not of his flock". It turns out that Jews really are a problem in that they are the remnants of the thought-to-be-extinct Neanderthal species of homonids predating CroMagnon and HomoSapien. The neanderthal was on a different branch of evolution entirely, than pure human. The Jew Talmud is much less a religious text than it is a survival manual for the remaining DNA of the once proud Neanderthal that survived three ice ages over 400,000 years. They were almost annihalated by CroMagnon/HomoSapien but squeaked by in the Caucasus mountains, dividing up into northern and sourthern tribes. Todays so-called Jews are the northern Neanderthal hybrids.

See my index under Jews below for more on this phenomenon. It turns out that cryonics is or at least has become dominated by Jews and their willing Gentile allies. Now we see the full expression of this in John DeRivaz's Talmudic prescription for getting along. I was disappointed to see another relatively freewheeling cryonics forum bite the dust when Jon said he would shut off Cold Filter-- especially since I was the central person who help him get it going. Cryonet under Kevin Brown shut down some time ago after some 20 years of vigorous activity. DeWolf shut off the comments section to his forum some time ago. Darwin hardly ever posts. And DeRivaz controls  the Yahoo Cryonet 2 to the point where I was banned a long time ago for reasons that were not obvious to me. The only blogs that appear on the Google blog search that refer to cryonics are beginner  type posts that  are essentially nieve or filler type posts we've seen for decades. There is no solid transparent pro-cryonics critical discussion, then, anymore-with the closing of Cold Filter, as sparse as that was.

So once again, Rick Potvin would like to create a writing experiment that might rescue this dire situation from the Neanderthal Hybrids that adopted Judaism. And once again, the experiment may indeed go absolutely nowhere. Once again, I may come under attack. Once again, we'll see how far this goes. I just felt that DeRivaz's threat to drop memberships of members who expressed "hate"-- nothing but an ADL psyop campaign to squelch criticism of Jews-- should at least be challenged a tiny little bit by a Christian humanist like myself. It might be a tiny peep in a vast wilderness, but at least I'll have the satisfaction of having made this tiny effort in the face of what I consider to be overwhelming neanderthal hatred for white Atlantean Aryan Christians with full frontal lobes.

To act as a vehicle for continuing non-Talmudic cryonics dicussions, readers can go to [Cryonics Cafeteria] I don't expect to have any time to really develop the site and it might simply languish as many of my efforts have. On the other hand, at least I've launched the potential to to keep Christian cryonics alive on the backburner a few more days. There is an outline format forum linked to that blog and the blog allows for multiple writers and an alphabetical index. If I have the penchant or if anyone else does, the facility to get around DeRivaz is there. What good it will do me in terms of my own cryonics plans is likely going to be very little but DeRivaz and the Neanderthal Hybrid Jews have bigger problems than me... the coming next ice age for one thing.

--Rick Potvin, Ex-Alcor member #1348 (paid dues and insurance for 20 years until I projected my next 20 year income not able to sustain the discretionary income to pay for increased Alcor dues and prices given the renegging on the grandfathering clause.)... founder of PALM Cryonics... Pre-Arranged Last Minute cryonics...[Dec. 25 threat to Phoenix, and links to other cryonics forums] [Ice Age Cryonics] [P.A.L.M. Cryonics] [Cryonics Cafeteria Blog][Cryonics Cafe Forum]
The Cryonics Cafe forum will be reanimated to see if we can't make it an alternative to Long Life and other limited cryonics publications. [Cryonics Cafe Forum]

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