Monday, November 19, 2012

Hotel Cryogenics ... based on Hotel California-- experimental first verse.

I've had this idea sitting around for awhile and decided to give the first verse a trial run today. Here are the lyrics first.... and then a short video.

On a dark desert highway
Highway 69
There is a place that you can go
Where the hottubs are fine

As I drive I see in the distance
A neon motel light
It says something I can read
It's beside a creek

I'd been driving too long
Up interstate seventeen
Endless miles of freeway and
I'm hungry and lean

drivin up from phoenix
from the alcor place
I'm not ready to check in there 
So i'll check in here...

Welcome to the Hotel Cryogenics
It's a lonely place, it's the only place
Where hot tubs and margaritas
Can soothe your soul, they freeze your soul


  1. Can't you tell the difference between gold and silver? It's silver. And it's not lame. It's cool. It's what the future looks like.


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  3. I have to tell you that you are one heck of a piano player. However, your vocals are not quite as good.

  4. Thanks, Simon.

  5. Hey! You look just like Barry Manilow!

  6. I'll do more Manilow for you in upcoming days.weeks-- see what I can do with that

  7. I Write the Blogs

    I've been alive forever, and I wrote the very first blog
    I put the lies and the narratives together
    I am Potvin and I write the blogs

    I write the blogs that make everyone talk
    I write the blogs of love and special things
    I write the blogs that make the young girls cry
    I write the blogs I write the blogs

  8. But but but Manilow is JEWISH

  9. I look Jewish too... a girl at the Dollar store approached me the other day on that. I like Jews... I just don't trust them. They're infiltrated culture to the extent that what we've been trained to like happens to have been jewified. Psychological war is like that. Your point is a case in point.