Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cryoespistemology 101 - Case Study : How do we know Kim Suozzi & here story are real?

By Rick Potvin

I used "convert gif photo to comic" to look at Kim's headwound from surgery from a comic point of view. [+]I'm personally not convinced that this Jewish young woman is real, nor am I convinced that the story is real. I think that the capacity and willingness to fabricate reality goes much much further than I ever thought possible and that the entire Kim Suozzi story is fake. I could be wrong. In the process of attempting to detect fraud, I think we can all learn something within what is considered to be a philosophical discipline which used to be known as philosophy: sub-categorized in this case, as the philosophy of epistemology. This is an area that lies just this side of.... the Twilight Zone.


  1. Her boyfriend's name is Josh, short for Joshua, a Jew boy name. His last name is Schisler, a Jewish name as well.

    Joshua (name) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Cached - Similar
    Joshua is a Biblical given name derived from the Hebrew Yehoshua (יהושע). Although it is often etymologized as related to the root for "salvation," e.g. as ...
    ‎Popularity - ‎Instances of use - ‎See also - ‎References and notes

    Kim posted her Reddit messages to the Atheism section and atheism is consistent with secular Judaism.

    Reddit reacted with its typical mix of skepticism and support, but the majority of users argued with Ms. Suozzi’s decision, claiming that believing in cryogenics is a blind leap of faith just as ridiculous as believing in religion (it didn’t help that Ms. Suozzi posted her request in the Athiesm subreddit).

    The Venturists was started by a Jew who ran to her aid.

    Less Wrongers were wary of donating to Ms. Suozzi’s case until it was proven true. But a few days ago, the Society for Venturism, a nonprofit located in Arizona, decided to spearhead the fund-raising efforts for Ms. Suozzi.

    She likes Ray Kurzwiels fraudulent Spiritual Machines which is AI.. and Kurzweil is a Jew.

    Kim had taken a Cognitive Science class during her time studying neuroscience at Truman State. When she read the comment about cryonics under her article on Reddit she remembered a book she’d read in Cog Sci her Sophomore Year, Ray Kurzweil’s Age of Spiritual Machines. She’d enjoyed it so much she picked up another book of his, The Singularity is Near, she said.

    I can't prove she IS Jewish... that I "KNOW" she's jewish but she looks Jewish... it's harder to tell the girl jews... but the elements I listed above are consistent with being a jew, especially the jew boyfriend. The other aspect is the absense of reference to any religious upbringing in any of the articles or debates or forums. This indicates a cover up since religious issues are always at least talked about in relation to cryonics. Kurzweil and Pizer are prominantly featuring her, and they're both Jews. There is not a snowball's chance in hell that they would feature a girl who is a chrisitan cryonicist... think about it. To be featured by jews like Kurzweil and Pizer, you pretty much are a confirmed jew. This is the thing about Jews... they blend in so well... and you should know better than most cryos that pushing Jesus into cryonics won't work as you're trying to do... since cryonics is dominated by Jews. It's tiring for me to have you play dumb. Ugh. And you wonder why i delete your posts. Tsk. One more thing... she kindof has a jewlook to her... though as I say it's harder with girls.... I would say the round head... jews from upper caucasus mountains *neanderthals... have round heads and are stocky. Her build is consistent with that and the bridge of her nose too. It all lines up... but as I say... it's hard to prove... but I'm pretty damn sure. Her mother or father are never named... her mother is never named. Kurzweil's article is careful to make an oblique reference without a name...'s+mother%22&num=30&hl=en&newwindow=1&safe=off&gbv=2&prmdo=1&tbm=blg&source=lnms&sa=X&ei=6zKoUI-TBYWvigLaz4DADw&ved=0CAwQ_AUoAQ

    The fact that Kim has raised that amount of money so fast is another indicator... cryos who are jews behind her promo might have contributed but there is no published list of contributors... if it's actually true. The whole thing including her just smell jewish to me...

  2. The white areas of the photo indicate manipulation of the photo

    I realize more than Jews manipulate photos but jews are universally understood to be known as hardwired to lie.

  3. You didn't ask for proof. You asked "how do I know" and I described to you a version of "knowing" that works good enough for me. I don't need proof. I have reasonable doubt which is good enough even in court rooms for decision making.

  4. ...I mean reasonable suspicion that she IS Jew... not reasonable doubt.

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  7. Redirected attention to you? You've brought the attention to yourself. You've made yourself the subject. It certainly isn't about compassion for a real young lady, with a real terminal cancer, and a real family who's very proud of her. Yeah - this is Kim's Mom. Now tell me I'm not real JERK.

  8. Hello Kim's Mom... Can you explain how Kim went from CI to Alcor and how you expect the public who raised money for Kim will react to the neuro? Thanks.

  9. This is quite insensitive to Kim's story. The New York times is doing a thorough story about Kim's fight with her cancer and how she came to be cryonically preserved-the reporter is interviewing her family and chronicling her fight with cancer. Funds were raised for her to be at either CI or Alcor after she decided it was worth a shot to try being cryonically preserved and enough was raised for Alcor, Alcor started working with her when enough funds were raised that she could set up full membership there. That is what Kim wanted, and it is insensitive to her family to say that she was made up. Before posting such things you can do some research your own to talk to her family and friends, or people who worked with her to decide if she is real. But this post is hurtful to her family.

  10. You and the NY Times, Kim's family and Kim herself if she existed as a real person-- and not some simulated victim-- are all insensititive-- to the real issue facing cryonics fraud right now, within cryonics-- which is the inability of cryonics as an industry to confirm connectome survival. To ignore the issue of connectome survival is to ignore cryonics since you are your connectome-- which is the complete set of neural networks that make up a person's memory. You and the NYTimes are ignoring that issue-- which is affecting the prospective existence of the cryonics industry itself. See "Connectome crisis ends cryonics"...