Friday, April 26, 2013

Mass tweet method might work-- or Twitter might consider it illegal-- I'm not sure.

by Rick Potvin
keywords for google search: cryonics, twitter, mass mailing, mass email.

I'm not sure if it's considered legal by Twitter to do a mass email with about 7 or 8 names at a time in the reply section of the original twitter. I guess I'll find out soon enough if they stop me or destroy my account. Until I find out more, I'll leave it here at a one time experiment.

This option was explored when I found a cryonics tweeter posting multiple tweets of the same topic to various "@"'s, the twitter equivalent of an email address. I found the mess on the hashtag list to be annoying so asked him to consider posting multiple tweets in a different way. My method actually works better.

His only objection was that an individual tweet would make the recipient feel special. However, I would point out that each recipient will find out that they are not special once they hashtag the topic. Better to mass mail under a reply button.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mark Plus (Potts) is ageing more rapidly than his chronological years.

by Rick Potvin

I've known Mark since 1991 and when I first met him, he had reddish hair and and a balding pattern already setting in. Now, he has mostly grey hair and a much bigger bald area.

I've also noticed personality changes.  Whereas in previous years, our arguments were still framable as good natured, lately he has become more onerous and relentless in his personal attacks on me that disregard the spirit of our longstanding "frenemy"-ship. He's become more ruthless in his attacks on me, online.

He considers himself to be a "senior cryonicist" and "Venturist minister". His increasing nastiness might be the result of my exposee of the fake photos being used by his organization, The Venturists... in promoting the charity cryonics cases Aaron and Kim. I contend that fake photos are not needed-- yet they're used which raises the question as to how much more of the charity cases are fake. Mark is on the witness list according to the New York Supreme Court case where Alcor is continuing to sue Larry Johnson despite having said that the case is finished. I hope Mark doesn't age too quickly so that we can see him on the witness stand to counter the claims made against the Venturists by Johnson. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My first successful twitter thread on hashtag #cryonics finally makes it.

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  1. Cryonics is in trouble.
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    1. Actually, we're all in trouble due unneccessary financial collapse but cryonics is in double trouble within the collapse.
    2. ENDGAME FOR CRYONICS IN 2014 Discussion forum thread:
    3. PIZER propose yet another trust fund.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kitty Wakfer tweeted that Alcor's lawsuit against Johnson was over but failed to see that it's NOT over at all.

by Rick Potvin

It's very interesting how Alcor has made members and other interested people think that the lawsuit against Johnson was over. Alcor conveniently underplayed that fact that a major lawsuit still continues against the publisher Vanguard. That effectively means that the lawsuit regarding Johnson's book continues... and isn't over all. Alcor pretended that by winning one part of the set of lawsuits they could claim the issue was ended, leading people to generally believe it was ALL over. In fact the biggest monetary part of the lawsuit is still on. Alcor's underplay of this idea amounts to lying by omission or lying by deemphasis. DISCUSSION KITTY WAKFER tweeted Alcor suit against Johnson over... suit aginst publisher continues-

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pizer's cryonics "back up trust fund" could be prelude to collapse of Alcor & CI.

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April 2 2013 at 7:56 AM
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Monday, April 1, 2013

My cryonics blog makes appearance on blogsearch again despite attacks.

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Clear side view of Max More shows receding forehead of Neanderthal descendent.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

More odd anomolies in Josh's photos of him and Kim.

In interpreting photos, you have to think about what the photo is saying-- and then wonder if it was the photographers's intention or not. Given the subterfuge going on in cryonics and in Venturism, I have to consider that the following are intended by the author of the photos, Josh Schisler. I could be wrong.... but maybe I'm right.

Here, on the left, (PHOTO 1) I see something very strange that did not strike me at first. I can stare at a photo like this over time and gradually the "meaning of the picture" emerges. In this case, the grand canyon is behind Josh and Kim-- either for real or photoshopped in. It doesn't matter. What is significant is that Josh's hand is "almost" on Kim's shoulder but not quite.... as if he's releasing his hold on her shoulder which would allow her to fall backwards into the gorge-- in this case a metaphor for death or cryopreservation. What an odd photo to post. Given today's digital cameras, certainly, Josh could have found a better "pose" to post on the net. It's as if Josh himself is taking the photo with his left hand.... but why would he release Kim unless this was in intentional metaphorical pose meant to convey a message. Note Kim doesn't have any clothes on underneath the gray zip jacket. How does that make sense?


Here (Photo 2) we see Kim making a face as if she is somewhat horrified or disgusted and yet the other girl is looking quite gleeful. How does this photo make sense? What is the gray sweatshirt wrapped around the other girl's neck? It's not even worn in the typical yuppie style. How does Kim's pose even make sense-- is she in a chair or a couch? Or has this entire scene been photoshopped-- thus explaing why it makes no sense as a composition either posed or spontanous.


Look at Kim's head here. (Photo 3) I can understand a cat on a shoulder... but here the cat looked particularly large. How does Kim's head go so far down the front of her body? With a cat on one's shoulders, I can understand leaning the head forward but there seems to be something wrong with this photo. And look at Kim "emaciated" right wrist. I can understand a hand dangling from a wrist but Kim's wrist looks twisted here. Her whole body looks contorted, from the awkward position of the head to the emaciated "death look" of the wrist-- perhaps another photoshopped metaphor for an entirely fake cryopreservation.

Photo 4

Finally, This group photo (photo 4) with two couples looks fine until I start examining it more carefully. Kim's top is again off to one side, as it is in all the poses of Aaron's wife. It looks like a spontaneous fun shot. But then look at the space between the girl in the white dress and Josh. That space should be black as is the rest of the blackness behind the group. But it's gray. How can it be gray... like the colour of the tie of the guy on the right? Shouldn't his arm be around the girl in the white dress so that his hand would appear around her waist? His hand would have to be down, flat against her buttocks rather than grabbing her waist. Furthermore, why is the entire background black? Where are they that that would occur? It almost looks like the group was cut out of another picture and pasted up on a new black background in a photoshop program.

Photo 5
Of all the photos above that strike me as odd, the weirdest one is that of the cat on Kim's shoulder. But even stranger than the head-lower-than-normal or the larger-than-life cat, is the twisted wrist on the left, enlarged. (Photo 5-- enlargement of part of photo 3) This makes no visual sense. The top of her arm, from the wrist, suddenly become the midsection of the arm with the top becoming the side... evidence again of a photoshop poorly done.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The end of cryonics for me and of cryonics itself due to multiple failures.

by Rick Potvin@55

The end of cryonics is at hand. It stopped being cryonics as we've thought of cryonics-- gradually-- over the past 10 years I would say.

Cryonics has failed due to numerous causes listed in the discussion as follows...

ABANDON SHIP - Cryonics is done.

Cryonics blogsearch positions me at #2 of top 3 cryonics home pages again.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Cryonics charity case Aaron Winborn is mocking me.

Aaron apparently has decided to mock my exposee of his fake photos by creating an obvious fake photo. If you have followed my previous analysis, you'll see that the family positioned on the moon below still has the poorly photoshopped jumble of hands including and extra hand in the center of the family's pose on Aaron's left shoulder. Aaron openly linked my commentary page with a few dozen threads about his fake photos. on his blog post at 

I think Aaron thinks that by making an extreme and ridiculous example of a manipulated photo that that will somehow distract attention away from my more serious exposee of his real manipulated and denied photos. It's quite a gamble and it also shows that Aaron is playing psychological games as well as photographic games. It's actually consistent with a larger hoax in play here, especially since Dave Pizer, founder of the Venturistis who are sponsoring the fundraising for the charity cryonics for Aaron, admitted that Aaron's Christmas photo was a composite, while Aaron denied it. 

Shanny Vyff who writes the narratives for these charity cases villified me as a bully and harrasser of Aaron's family for having pointed out the problems with Aaron's photos-- a completely anti-academic attack that exposes her own lack of academic schooling-- a surprise to me because she looks so pretty. I always thought brains go with beauty, but she proved to me once and for all that that's not the case. I guess she'll have to apply the bully charge to her own client, Aaron, now-- since it's Aaron who composed his own derisive family on the moon composite-- displaying none of the strife Shanny says Aaron's family has-- but rather a sharp sense of humor and a mocking arrogance that betrays both Dave's and Shanny's claims that Aaron's family is in distress over my analysis. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shannon Vyff... the anti-bully industry clown of cryonics.

Shannon is promoting charity cryonics through Venturists... but there's a problem. Fake photos are being used-- which raises the question of how much more is fake about these charity cases. When I raised the issue, Shannon invoked a direct attack on me for exposing the manipulated photos instead of thanking me, by calling me a bully. When I simply asked the charity case in question, Aaaron Winborn if he faked the photos, Shannon said I was harassing him. Fake photos are running rampant on the internet in this digital age, disguised as real-- and it represents a big problem. To point that problem out is not bullying-- it's investigative journalism and truthseeking. Labelling online journalists like me a bully is nothing but a crude attempt to suppress the truth and free speech. [Discussion]

Kim's tumor was said to be at the base of her brain yet surgery shows frontal lobe surgery

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cryonics charity fund raiser continues to use fake photos.

Shannon Vyff -- such a lovely face for a photo faker-- Shannon with the Venturists stubbornly and continually refuses to admit the truth that that charity photos of Aaron Winborn are composites (fake, photoshopped) despite the founder of Venturists, Dave Pizer having admitted it. Even mainstream media considers fake photos to be a big issue and the top publishers regulate against it. For a fund raiser to use fake photos is a serious problem and lying about it is even more serious. i've given Shannon plenty of time and information to consider this. She continues to deny it. Why? Is she being paid by the Kent Cryonics Machine or a sub-unit of it... to lie? Why does she contradict Dave himself? Dave was honest though surprisingly obtusely unrepentent-- which indicates another kind of ethics problem-- but at least he admitted that one photo I pointed him to was a composite. [Complete story in outline format]

Friday, March 15, 2013

DeRivaz stands behind destructive cryonics perpetual trusts.

<img src="">
John Derivaz of CI is clearly taking a position as another shill for the wealthy cryonicists who are putting self-directed perpetual trusts in place, having the effect of concentrating post-deanimation wealth for quite possibly non-recoverable cryonicists who falsely believe they can be reanimated despite starving current and inter-generational cryonics. In effect, he too is a traitor to middle class cryonicists with no current reanimation trusts and a traitor to the financing of cryonics inter-generationally by condoning the wealthy hopsotching their money to the future, untouchable by cryonics. He pretends he has no conclusion, but his conclusion is very clear. IN addition, he intentionally attempts to assassinate my character rather than dealing with my academic and reasonably stated view. Anyone thinking of joining cryonics via CI would do well to take the argument I make in the following thread to him... and to point out that Robert Ettinger and board member Marta Sandberg disagree with him. They represent a schism at CI and this schism can be used to adjust cryonics financing to force it into a better direction in the future-- maybe. [<a href="">My email exchange with DeRivaz</a>]

Monday, March 11, 2013

Censored again.

by Rick Potvin@55
keywords: cryonics, Alcor, cryogenics.

It's far too easy for enemies of my opinions to knock me off the Google blogsearch. My current solution is to resubmit the blog URL to the Google spider but I don't know if that does any good.

Cryonics has become something that suppresses any public discussion of trouble, which suppression is in opposition to the spirit of the search for truth.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Someone seems to be knocking out cryonics blog references going back a week.

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