Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shannon Vyff... the anti-bully industry clown of cryonics.

Shannon is promoting charity cryonics through Venturists... but there's a problem. Fake photos are being used-- which raises the question of how much more is fake about these charity cases. When I raised the issue, Shannon invoked a direct attack on me for exposing the manipulated photos instead of thanking me, by calling me a bully. When I simply asked the charity case in question, Aaaron Winborn if he faked the photos, Shannon said I was harassing him. Fake photos are running rampant on the internet in this digital age, disguised as real-- and it represents a big problem. To point that problem out is not bullying-- it's investigative journalism and truthseeking. Labelling online journalists like me a bully is nothing but a crude attempt to suppress the truth and free speech. [Discussion]

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