Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cryonics charity fund raiser continues to use fake photos.

Shannon Vyff -- such a lovely face for a photo faker-- Shannon with the Venturists stubbornly and continually refuses to admit the truth that that charity photos of Aaron Winborn are composites (fake, photoshopped) despite the founder of Venturists, Dave Pizer having admitted it. Even mainstream media considers fake photos to be a big issue and the top publishers regulate against it. For a fund raiser to use fake photos is a serious problem and lying about it is even more serious. i've given Shannon plenty of time and information to consider this. She continues to deny it. Why? Is she being paid by the Kent Cryonics Machine or a sub-unit of it... to lie? Why does she contradict Dave himself? Dave was honest though surprisingly obtusely unrepentent-- which indicates another kind of ethics problem-- but at least he admitted that one photo I pointed him to was a composite. [Complete story in outline format]

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