Friday, March 15, 2013

DeRivaz stands behind destructive cryonics perpetual trusts.

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John Derivaz of CI is clearly taking a position as another shill for the wealthy cryonicists who are putting self-directed perpetual trusts in place, having the effect of concentrating post-deanimation wealth for quite possibly non-recoverable cryonicists who falsely believe they can be reanimated despite starving current and inter-generational cryonics. In effect, he too is a traitor to middle class cryonicists with no current reanimation trusts and a traitor to the financing of cryonics inter-generationally by condoning the wealthy hopsotching their money to the future, untouchable by cryonics. He pretends he has no conclusion, but his conclusion is very clear. IN addition, he intentionally attempts to assassinate my character rather than dealing with my academic and reasonably stated view. Anyone thinking of joining cryonics via CI would do well to take the argument I make in the following thread to him... and to point out that Robert Ettinger and board member Marta Sandberg disagree with him. They represent a schism at CI and this schism can be used to adjust cryonics financing to force it into a better direction in the future-- maybe. [<a href="">My email exchange with DeRivaz</a>]

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