Friday, March 22, 2013

Cryonics charity case Aaron Winborn is mocking me.

Aaron apparently has decided to mock my exposee of his fake photos by creating an obvious fake photo. If you have followed my previous analysis, you'll see that the family positioned on the moon below still has the poorly photoshopped jumble of hands including and extra hand in the center of the family's pose on Aaron's left shoulder. Aaron openly linked my commentary page with a few dozen threads about his fake photos. on his blog post at 

I think Aaron thinks that by making an extreme and ridiculous example of a manipulated photo that that will somehow distract attention away from my more serious exposee of his real manipulated and denied photos. It's quite a gamble and it also shows that Aaron is playing psychological games as well as photographic games. It's actually consistent with a larger hoax in play here, especially since Dave Pizer, founder of the Venturistis who are sponsoring the fundraising for the charity cryonics for Aaron, admitted that Aaron's Christmas photo was a composite, while Aaron denied it. 

Shanny Vyff who writes the narratives for these charity cases villified me as a bully and harrasser of Aaron's family for having pointed out the problems with Aaron's photos-- a completely anti-academic attack that exposes her own lack of academic schooling-- a surprise to me because she looks so pretty. I always thought brains go with beauty, but she proved to me once and for all that that's not the case. I guess she'll have to apply the bully charge to her own client, Aaron, now-- since it's Aaron who composed his own derisive family on the moon composite-- displaying none of the strife Shanny says Aaron's family has-- but rather a sharp sense of humor and a mocking arrogance that betrays both Dave's and Shanny's claims that Aaron's family is in distress over my analysis. 

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