Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mark Plus (Potts) is ageing more rapidly than his chronological years.

by Rick Potvin

I've known Mark since 1991 and when I first met him, he had reddish hair and and a balding pattern already setting in. Now, he has mostly grey hair and a much bigger bald area.

I've also noticed personality changes.  Whereas in previous years, our arguments were still framable as good natured, lately he has become more onerous and relentless in his personal attacks on me that disregard the spirit of our longstanding "frenemy"-ship. He's become more ruthless in his attacks on me, online.

He considers himself to be a "senior cryonicist" and "Venturist minister". His increasing nastiness might be the result of my exposee of the fake photos being used by his organization, The Venturists... in promoting the charity cryonics cases Aaron and Kim. I contend that fake photos are not needed-- yet they're used which raises the question as to how much more of the charity cases are fake. Mark is on the witness list according to the New York Supreme Court case where Alcor is continuing to sue Larry Johnson despite having said that the case is finished. I hope Mark doesn't age too quickly so that we can see him on the witness stand to counter the claims made against the Venturists by Johnson. 

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