Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kitty Wakfer tweeted that Alcor's lawsuit against Johnson was over but failed to see that it's NOT over at all.

by Rick Potvin

It's very interesting how Alcor has made members and other interested people think that the lawsuit against Johnson was over. Alcor conveniently underplayed that fact that a major lawsuit still continues against the publisher Vanguard. That effectively means that the lawsuit regarding Johnson's book continues... and isn't over all. Alcor pretended that by winning one part of the set of lawsuits they could claim the issue was ended, leading people to generally believe it was ALL over. In fact the biggest monetary part of the lawsuit is still on. Alcor's underplay of this idea amounts to lying by omission or lying by deemphasis. DISCUSSION KITTY WAKFER tweeted Alcor suit against Johnson over... suit aginst publisher continues-

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