Friday, February 8, 2013

Cryonics reanimation trust summary

PERP TRUSTS WILL starve chem as well as cryo... equally starved.

TRUSTS thread started by Marta Sandberg has relevence and traction in C2

PERP TRUSTS - Are wealthy cryos abusing the perp trust via self-assignment?

BEQUESTS and donations to Alcor should be counted, says Pizer...Alcor disagrees.

PERPETUAL TRUSTS and the Cryonics Connectome Crisis-- What will the rich reanimate? ZOMIES

The 5 BILLION DOLLAR FRONT - Cryonics as Cover for Financial Maneuvres.

ALCOR's wealth preservation trust... of 2006... what happened to this?

WYOMING as good as Don Laughlin's S.Dakota trusts... 1000 yrs...CrAZy man.

MERKLE says "Let's head over to the Private Forum and talk about it."

Perpetuities that are SELF ASSIGNED might be unique to cryonics & thus easier to destroy.

Perp trusts-- How they will be stopped...

PERPETUAL TRUST wealthy cryos as defectors vs. cooperators in game theory

Perp trust redirection of wealthy cryo funds ignored in major alcor forum thread on fees

alcor set up for the rich?

$5 BILLION missing from cryonics... evidence to be installed here.


MIKE PERRY - ...another longtime wealthless members pleads for no increase for rean'n???

ASSET BASE of alcor patients in stasis might be $100 million - 2 billion NOT ACCESSIBLE

"ALCOR PRESERVATION GROUP"... euphemism for perpetual trust not available to regular mem's

ERIC KRASTEL's considered thoughts on cryonics finance.


MIDDLE CLASS CRYONICS has vapourized... along with the middle class in general.

BAD BET on perp trusts by wealthy cryos can be hedged 50% with Cryo Insurance Fund

DERIVATIVES constitute 1.5 quadrillion but these turnover at a rate of 6 Quad'n per ?



PIZER gets publicity in 2006 for "taking $10 million with him" "until he is reanimate

REAL CRYONICS is whole body, about 200K, with a reanimation trust of $1M

TRUSTS are GARBAGE... financial tricks that will fail and cryokill even the wealthy frozen

BETRAYAL of cryonics by wealthy cryonicists-- and the collusion by Alcor and others.

DEWOLFS are in on the same perp trust conspiracy in cryonics-- destined for scrapheap.

REANIMATION TRUSTS -- C2 --> Mark+ vs. MaxMore?

WEALTHY CRYOS consider the rest of us expendable -Mark+

DYNASTY cryo perp trusts WILL FAIL-- similar to drexlertech myth and singularity

BEN BEST's Upsidedown-insideout economics consistent with rape and pillage & cryotrusts

3rd GENERATION CRYONICS will destroy perp trusts and 1000 yr dead hand estates--> insuranc

ALCOR's TRUST DOCUMENTS - again are only individual trusts NOT cryonics insurance.

RULE AGAINST PERPETUITIES - support it, defend it, promote it.... scare the trustfunders.

WEALTH PRESERVATION TRUSTS - meetings, people, alcor's trust etc... & CIF

ETTINGER ON REANIMATION TRUSTS -- a whole new level of cryonics Ettinger WARNED against.

ASCHWIN'S 5 dangerous ideas about cryonics... tricky to analyse... misses trusts.

mark, please explain your concern with reanimation trusts

JAMES BEDFORD, tv repairman, created his own foundation, FULLY FUNDED... his SON stole it.

INSURABLE INTERESTS... how can funding cryonics through insurance be justified?

WEALTHY CRYONICISTS get wealthier and wealthier while cryonics goes down.


CI STATS show no reanimation trust members...

Non-stolen trusts

UNDERFUNDED II - anyone without a substantial perpetual reanimation trust

And why does Alcor need to rattle the can any way?

I estimate total insurance pledge to Alcor around $50 million.

TW ESTATE INCOME from legacy paraphenalia... like baseball cards.

ALCOR secret board meeting this weekend

ALCOR Wealth Preservation Trust... is this the endowment? or something else? anyone?

So basically the cryonics movement has two "economies."

An alternative way of viewing cryonics' Two Economies

PERPETUAL TRUSTS and ALCOR search shows my blog prominantly.

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