Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cryonics Venturist charity case Winborn's wife Gwen has split hand holding child.

What is this mess? It's supposed to be  Gwen, the wife/mother, holding the little girl in the pink top. If you look at Gwen's sleeve, it doesn't look like a wrist coming out-- of her left arm (on the right of the photo). There are two fingers at the top of the sleeve and then a longer finger going across the pink leg of the little girl.

Beneath to two fingers is what appears to the be back of Gwen's hand with veins. If that is the right hand (closer to the left), then it seems it's cradled in Gwen's other hand to reinforce the grip needed to hold the child. I can understand that. But if that's what we see here, then what is the knuckle at the bottom?

If the pink double finger at the top with the extention onto the pink leg and the double knuckle at the bottom are Gwen's left hand and if the arteried back of hand is her right hand, interlaced to strengthen the grip to hold the kid, then how can the double knuckle part of Gwen's hand be so far apart from the double-extended finger on top?

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