Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aaron's chair is missing its base and legs.

The office setting looks okay at first glance but if you study some of the features, you'll see problems. The problem that first struck me when looking at Aaron on the right, behind the desk, is that is no apparent chair underneath him where you should see it. Study the other chairs in the photo and then look for the same chair around and under Aaron. You don't find it.

Here's an enlargement of Aaron in his seated position.  When you study this enlargement you see what looks like the partial base of one of the chairs sitting up at an angle of about 30 degrees off the floor. There is no visible means whereby his position corresponds to a chair of that size UNDER him.

ON the right is a diagram of the photo as it is, with the incoherent absense of the chair's base directly under Aaron. Study the labels on my diagram before reading further. Compare my diagram with the enlarged photo above.

Here is what you would expect to see under Aaron. I've made a simple diagram of the table and a figure of Aaron with the back of the chair behind him and the chair's base under him. The base should be flat on the floor. Only someone working with a photo manipulation program who is deficient in visual intelligence would make the mess of the photo above as was done, positioning the chair's base at an angle.

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