Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cryonics charity case Aaron Winborn latest promotional photo from Venturist and Senior Cryonicist Mark Plus shows signs of manipulation.

Senior and authoritative Cryonicist Mark Plus posted an update citing Aaron's own website.

Here is the photo posted by Aaron... and reposted by Mark, a Venturist-- the Venturists being the fund raising organization stumping for Aaron, although Mark doesn't make that quite clear.

What is this mess? You can compare this enlargement with the original above and see clearly that the wife, Gwen's, hand extending out of her apparent sleeve doesn't look right. There is a v-shaped vein as it it's the back of her hand but above that you see two digits coming out... and below it is a sort of knuckle.
Below that is the little girls blue sleeve apparently extending up but her hand at the top is displaced from the arm for an impossible twisted angle. 

Gwens' black jacket looks completely photoshopped in to me. The solid lines and solid black do not hint at any reflection or crease whatsoever. The solid black lines appear to be created with a magic marker no less. There is no indication that this is a real jacket. 

 The little girl looking up had what appears to be a deformed ear. The earlobe at the bottom appears to be flat and square. The entire ear itself seems to angle out of the head at a 90 degree angle!
 Again, as in a previous family photo from Aaron, we see Gwen's head appears to be a significantly different colour than her neck. The line around the head makes it appear to be pasted on. How can she be tanned on the face, like this, yet have a white neck?

      In Gwen's previous photos, her sweater is always stretched to the left for some reason. The left stretch is repeated here with a variance of the little girl's hand apparently pulling it.  

As in the Christmas tree photo earlier, you can see brown shadows behind the persons in the photo that are indistinguishable from the actual person. In this case, we see the little girl's hair double as both hair and shadow.

                              Again, behind Aaron we see the brown shadow and it somehow blends with what could be the couch.

Here's another anomaly.. the apparent pillow with a picture of a palm tree on it has no border. Is it a pillow?

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