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Alcor cryonics 40th anniversay group photo anomalies examined

There are a number of problems I can see in this "photo". I'll simply upload all the anomalies I see and finish comments later.

The three people in the top middle of the photo include a man who has his back turned to the camera. He's a continuous figure on the right side of the tent pole but his left shoulder is missing from the left side of the tent pole. The man to the left in the photo looking down seems to be leaning his arm on the pole and grasping it with his hand. The blue of his sweater is the same as the blue of the man whose back is turned behind the pole. Where is the rest of the man beyind the pole? There is green shrubbery where his blue shoulder should be.

At first I passed this man off as neither here nor there. I don't know who he is. As I started examining the group photo further, it occurred to me that this man's left ear, appearing on the right side of his head in the photo, seems dented in when it should be rounded outward a bit. Ears do have funny shapes but the problem here is that it seems dented in too far. Then it occurred to me that his smile is a sort of smirk rather than a smile. It occurred to me that I've seen that type of tight lipped smirk and the Joker in Batman occurred to me. This man is smiling the Joker's smile without the lipstick.

The smirking man's identification card doesn't look like the others either. It doesn't seem to have the A40 binoculars and it looks orange on the lower half. 

 Here is what the other i.d. cards look like with the clearly visible binoculars of the A40 logo. Look again at the smirking man's id tag above and you cannot see that same logo.

There is another group of 3 people at the top on the left. One of them has a purple shirt and white pants. He's looking down and protruding from his white pants is an inexplicable white triangle that is reminiscent of what could be construed as a big erection pushing his pants out. 

Josh's eyes are the only eyes that are closed. His left eye (on the right in the photo) is slightly more open than the left, barely exposing a pupil. There are inexplicable dots under each eye reminiscent of freckles but it seems odd to me that there is one freckle under each eye in the same relative spot. 

Kim's tag is worn with the typical string or cord around her neck as with the others. However, in Kim's case, you can see that her cord disappears under her dress top. This means that the conference id card must be under her dress too. That's odd. 

Now this is very very strange and even bizarre. We see a man on the right and a man seated with gray hair on the back of his head. What is in the background. It looks like a human being surrounded by a blue and white frame. Is this a person in a block of ice? It looks like a female who is holding her right hand up with a a staff in it. And the girl in the block of ice is holding a bunch of flowers.

Could this be a hint of things to come-- a sort of omen of Kim being frozen? Let's look at it up close.
As we expand the pixels, it becomes more apparent that the head of the person is encased in a cube. The girl seems to be waving goodbye to the gray haired man who is looking at her.

An alternative interpretation would be that since Kim was a neuropreservation, that the head is in the block of ice but the red below her indicates that the body was disposed of. The redness are not flowers but blood. 
Here we see Ralph's arm, the main character in the photo montage. In front of his blue checkered shirt, the woman behind holds up her ID card. The card is laminated with transparent edges that distort the lines of the blue shirt behind it similar to a kind of parallax effect.  The problem here is that the blue shirt lines continue to be distorted well below the edge of the card.

The close up to the right shows the glare at the bottom edge of the card. And under that you can see that the shirt continue to be distorted.

Observe the photo on the left again and you wonder howthe shirt image can extend in the way portrayed since his arm descends from his hand, to the right of the ring. 

Here's a puzzling element of what has become an Alcor 40 Jigsaw Puzzle. You can see Ralph's hand apparently ...and I mean "apparently" on first glance... holding his id car. But look at the tips of his fingers. They rest on the edge of the card and his fingers are straight as see by his ring on his forth finger. His ring is just below the knuckle of the middle of the finger rather than at the base of the finger where it should be. Since the fingers are straight, it's hard to imagine how the thumb, which is shorter than the fingers, could possibly extend all the way to the back of the id card to support the card on the other side... to wit-- "hold" it.

Given Ralph's long hair, you would think it would drop over his right ear just like it drops over his left ear. But somehow, we can see the top of his left ear... seen in the photo on the right. He also seems to have more hair bulk on the right in the photo-- which makes it unlikely that he was able to push all that hair behind his ear to let the top of the ear show. And yet it shows. Amazing. 

In true extropian "luciferian" style, we see facial hair often used to portray Lucifer in the movies. You'll note the "E" in the background of the complete picture at the top, which would significy Extropy. Max More, who started Extropy wrote In Praise of Lucifer and wears a Luciferian facial hair shave like this one.

And who is this guy anyway?

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