Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kim photo anomalies at A40.

 This is a cut-out of Kim from the photo Mark posted to the forum here.
She gave a talk.

Again, at first glance, these photos look believable but on closer examination, we see odd things. In this photo of Kim, you will note that he yellow sweater is unbuttoned at the top yet there is no visible shirt or other neckline of another blouse or something under the sweater. What we see is the same skin tone between the unbuttoned sweater as her neck and face with what look like a sort of protruding chest bone.

Look at the photo at the left again and follow the line of the necklance around the back of her neck, down ONTO the table and OFF of her... stopping at the water bottle and the FRONT edge of the table! As you follow the necklace up again, behind the bottole and behind her sweater, the necklace reappears in a bit of a smudge. Below is an enlargement.

On the enlargement on the right, you can clearly see the distance between the two buttons and the skin tone in between the two buttons with an odd diagonal pink line from the left button up about 45 degrees. It's not clear that that is a blouse or shirt or anything. It's incomprehensible.

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KIM photo anomalies seated at table at A40

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