Friday, November 16, 2012

Ray Kurzweil and his daughter in a 23 minute father daughter interview at NASA?

Ray Kurzweil has been signed up for cryonics for awhile. [Google search]. Kurzweil is Jewish. [Is Ray Kurzweil a Jew? google search]. Jews seem to be protected against autopsy... which is what Jew Cryonicist Dave Pizer has expressed concern about again lately and which john de Rivaz-- who recently published a whole list of rules against free speech for CI members on new cryonet-- pointed to as well. DeRivaz refers to hate speech as grounds for dismissing people from CI membership through several complicated steps. So-called hate speech is being criminalized worldwide by Jews so that they can avoid criticism. It's a rediculous and dangerous trick that goy fall for, like usual. I've termed de Rivaz's rules "Talmudic" because he goes on and on like the Jew Talmud, translated into English for the first time in 1935 and now all over the internet-- exposing Jewish beliefs and plans to the light of day. Jews typically think of non-Jews as sub human goy. David Duke recently wrote a bestseller titled "Jewish Supremacism" exposing this Jewish fraudulent belief.

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