Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rubber chicken in between baby and Aaron Winborn, cryonics charity case.

by Rick Potvin

I don't understand what I'm seeing here. This is a portion of the photo of Aaron Winborn baby put out by Venturists who are attempting to raise funds for his cryonics case since he has been diagnosed with a terminal case of something or other. This is the second such charity case in under a year after the Kim Suozzi case which I have had unanswered questions about as well. google aaron winborn cryonics

Look more carefully at how Aaron, the father's left arm (on the right side of the above photo) comes down into the baby and gets blurry. Oddly, the blurr rises in front of the baby as a pink fleshy looking appendage that I can't help but think of as a thawed out chicken.

 What is the baby's left hand holding? It appears to be an appendage of the chicken although Aarons hand seems to BE the chicken, although his hand could be deformed. Is this part of Aaron's disease? A deformed hand that looks like a plucked chicken? There is an appendage that comes out toward the camera as well that looks like a deformed finger. It's growing out of the top of Aaron's chicken hand.

Less odd is Aaron's right hand just sitting there limp. You would think he would hold the baby with the other hand given the proximity of the baby. The baby's right right seems to have an odd wart on his pinky. The baby's right leg seems oddly fat with a crevice in it. And the infant's left foot has only four toes.

Just above the baby's right arm, the mother's hand curves in when you would think that given the proximity to the young daughter, the mother's hand would be on the daughter's arm. Instead, the fingers curl under short of the daughter's arm.

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