Saturday, December 29, 2012

Periodical Index for Cryonics Cafeteria for about a month ended Dec. 29 2012

ASSET BASE of alcor patients in stasis might be $100 million - 2 billion NOT ACCESSIBLE

"ALCOR PRESERVATION GROUP"... euphemism for perpetual trust not available to regular mem's


BAD BET on perp trusts by wealthy cryos can be hedged 50% with Cryo Insurance Fund

BENEFIT TRUSTS - a different type of situation-- MAYBE but not sure

BR doesn't get it.... -- but won't ask a question.

DERIVATIVES constitute 1.5 quadrillion but these turnover at a rate of 6 Quad'n per ?

DERIVAZ points to Timeship hoax... with no comment


ERIC KRASTEL's considered thoughts on cryonics finance.

HAWAIIN PERPETUITY ORDERED BROKEN UP!!!!-- see? this is what will happen to wealthy cryos

KEKITCH again... is versed in INSURANCE yet never helped create cryonics insurance fund

MIDDLE CLASS CRYONICS has vapourized... along with the middle class in general.

MIKE DARWIN'S CHRONOSPHERE accounts nightmare situation

PATIENT CARE TRUST FUND, routine expenses-- Pizer vs. Perry

PAUL WAKFER missed the boat on proposing a cryonics insurance fund... and he even...

PCT - Why does Alcor even bother pretending that it has a Patient Care Trust Fund?

PHOENIX - IS PHOENIX AZ OK ON 12-25-12? I was getting worried there....

PIZER -- survival of the 'less defective'... with no further comment ... on c2

PIZER gets publicity in 2006 for "taking $10 million with him" "until he is reanimate

PROJECTION oF perpetual trusts of wealthy cryos is MORE important THAN cryonics, to THEM!

REAL CRYONICS is whole body, about 200K, with a reanimation trust of $1M

REANIMATION FOUNDATION of Saul Kent... history... from 1989


STEVE HARRIS.... what have we here?

X-Flex should be on ALEF's wishlist.

WELLS FARGO Wealth planning site... DYNASTY trusts ... tying up money for generations

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